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Posted by Moore on September 20, 1999 at 00:08:25:
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: Kohler made the toilet. Wellworth is the model. 3.5 tanks are not made any longer and the 1.6 gpf tanks will not fit your bowl and even if they did, there would not be enough water to flush the toilet properly. You will have to replace the entire unit, unless you can locate a used plumbing fixture company that has an old tank.

: : We own a toilet made in 1952 by a company called Wellworth. The tank was a 3.5 gallon tank that was broken when the inner tank parts were removed. The bowl is still in perfect shape. I would like to fing a replacement tank for this toilet. Can you help? I would like another 3.5 gallon tank but will settle for a 1.6 gallon tank if we don't have to buy a whole new toilet.

Hi, If you are anywhere around Los Angeles you can contact the Cleveland Wrecking Company. Ask Information operator for their number. They demolish buildings residential, commercial, industrial, and save all the good stuff. Plumbing, stained glass, Brass, u-name it. They'll have your tank. Even if you aren't close to them they'll UPS the tank to you.

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