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Posted by Moore on September 20, 1999 at 00:02:32:
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: \took out an old vanity in which the original tile on bathroom floor was tiled over the edges so this leaves a new tile job in order! My questin is can i lay subflooring in the areas where the old vanity was so it will even up with the original tile floor(which are standard 1"by 2" pieces and then lay the new 6inch by 6inch tile right over all of it or do i have to tear up the old floor?

You can place more subfloor to get the level you need. You don't need to take out all the old tile. In the event the old tile is laid in a bed of cement, your added subfloor will need to be at the level of the old subfloor to allow you to place new cement above your new subfloor and then set the tiles in that. In the event your old tiles are glued to the floor with an adhesive tile cement, your new subfloor will still be at the same level of the old subfloor, but you won't need to place a bed of cement, since the adhehive is very thin. To determine the old subfloor level, simply remove a tile or two back, and replace it when you install the new tile. If the subfloor is wood, be sure to place a sealer over your tile work once you are done, to ensure no moisture leaks through, and swells the new woodwork. The sealer comes from the same place you get your tile.

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