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Posted by Bud..Suncoast Plumbing Inc. on June 07, 1998 at 08:17:20:
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Vic is 100% correct in his assessment of any mechanical device including those that are presently used as Air Admittance Valves such as the Studor vent or the similar offerings by Oatey and other manufacturers in todays market. They will in time fail, and need attention or replacement.
This type of venting is in addition to a primary vent to the outdoors (generally above the roof).
I recently installed 27 floor drains in a new factory building, and each one required venting.
The use of the traditional Combination Waste and Vent type installation was precluded due to sanitary drainage elevation constraints. Had it not been for the Studor Vent, I would have been required to vent each and every one of these floor drains with a vent through the roof. Aside from the acre and a half floor area, this facility had 24' ceilings. The costs involved in making
27 penetrations in this roof would have been horrendous.
Studor Vents are not the answer to all venting problems in all situations, but in a well ventilated situation such as the one cited here, I must say "Thank Goodness for Studor type vents that have passed muster by all standard code requirements. Bud

: I (very respectfully) disagree with Bud and Terry. Both are very knowledgeable and so it simply is a matter of opinion.

: I absolutely do not think (any brand of) mechanical vent should be allowed in any plumbing code.

: They are mechanical and for that reason WILL fail.

: A failed vent in an attic (it WILL happen eventually to ALL mechanical vents) is a danger to people.

: I understand the snow covering the vent thought but there are ways to place (non mechanical) vents so that they will not be covered.

: Just my opinion :-) :-)

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