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Posted by Moore on September 19, 1999 at 23:25:13:
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: I have an "orangeburg" pipe sewer line that has collapsed in a spot. I am going to dig up the spot with the blockage and insert a PVC patch. I assume I will need a FURNCO type fitting, but have no idea which size and how to connect. Any suggestions?

Orangeburg pipe is a larger diameter size than clay or cast iron, even though it is called four inch. You can cut it with a normal wood say, sawzall, or tree saw, but it will burn you. Orangeburg is made up of treated creosote to repel rodent and root invasion. It isn't terribly intolerable, be sure to wash with a c\good detergent before hugging the kids. When you take out a section thats collapsed and place a ABS DWV section back in, take the ABS to the pipe supply house, along with a section of the orangeburg. Fernco couplings are a trade name. Look for "Band Seal" couplings. Because of the large diameter of the orangeburg you'll probably want a five inch band seal coupling with a one eighth adapter for the orangeburg side and a 3/4 inch adapter for the ABS side. (You'll need two couplings and four adapters). Remember that the sewer line is a waste line, carrying bacteria to the septic system or treatment plant. It is attractive to the dogs, they'll be very intimate with the line, then they'll go lick the kids. Try to keep them away. Wash well when you're done with the job.

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