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Posted by Moore on September 19, 1999 at 23:11:21:
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: when I push the handle to flush the toliet the flapper inside goes up but then goes almost right back down and the toliet bowl does not empty
Hold down on the flush handle a little longer than you normally hold it down, until the volume of water inside the tank can flow past the flapper, and wash the toilet bowl. If you have a flapper valve that looks like a large rubber ball, it has developed a leak in it, and has filled with water, making it too heavy to stay afloat when you lift the lever. Holding it a little longer will keep it open while the tank water rushes out. When the tank empties, let it fall back into place. The Rubber ball normally contains air, which makes it light enough to float and stay open during the flush water exit, until the flush water drops enough to let it fall back into place. Your manually holding it open will take the place of it floating on it's own. Replace it when you get the time and money by turning off the water to the toilet at the valve by the floor, so no water runs into the tank to re-fill after a flush. Lift the flapper by using the flush handle to drain the tank, (Notice how the small chain is connected to it?)disconnect the small chain. Does the flapper have two small rubber ears that are pushed over two small tabs at the fill tube base? Lift the ears off the tabs, and the flapper is now removable to take to the hardware store for a replacement (about 5 dollars) If the flapper does not have small ears connected to the fill tube, does it have a rubber ring around the fill tube? if so, simply slide the rubber ring and flapper to the top of the fill tube to remove. There may be a smaller plastic or copper tube at the top, that dumps into the fill tube using a small clip. Notice how it is attatched so you can replace it. You remove it by simply lifting it (it has a pressure clip).

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