Re: Thanks Terry for old plumbing answer but job just got bigger..
Posted by J.P. Moore on September 19, 1999 at 22:46:26:
In response to Re: Thanks Terry for old plumbing answer but job just got bigger..
: After we removed the subfloor we could see a crack in the pipe to the tolet. I guess it is time to call a
: plumber. How much do you think it will cost?

I hope you have solved your problem by now, but if you haven't, here's how to do it yourself. Notice the level that the wax seal is at the subfloor, and notice that it is level. (After your repair, you'll want to maintain this placement. Downstream from the crack is a tee. You want to cut out the unevenness of the crack and provide yourself with enough space to install a repair coupling. you may to make a second cut upstream of the crack to cut off about an inch of pipe to give you room to push a coupling on. Between the tee and the crack you cut the four inch drain line with a sawzall and a metal cutting blade. (You can cut it with a hacksaw, but by the time you're halfway through, you'll wish you'd used a sawzall) Buy a rubber four inch coupling and a new wax ring at the hardware store that is called a "Band Seal" coupling. Slide the rubber coupling onto the soil sewer line at the tee. Don't tighten the band yet. (The band looks like a radiator hose clamp). (Once the soil line is cut, you can lift it out of the subfloor to install the coupling.) push the soil line back into the coupling. Re-establish the level at the sub floor. (You might have to brace under the ninety degree bend to maintain your level, once you've disturbed the pipe. Tighten the hose clamps tightly (But don't overtighten so that the rubber gets deformed and creates a bad seal). Pour water down the line to check for leaks. Set the soil ring and flange for mounting to the subfloor, and gheck that it won't be too high. Replace the sub floor and screw down the flange. Place the finish floor right up to the flange. (The circular cut dosen't have to be perfect, the toilet will cover it. Remove any of the old wax from the old wax ring. Pull the new wax ring out of the box and pull the protective paper off it. Place the wax ring onto the flange. Set the toilet hold down bolts into the flange (they're going to penetrate the holes in the toilet base when you set it back down.) Clean the toilet base of old wax ring residue. Replace the toilet. Tighten the anchor bolts. Count your blessings. Say your prayers.

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