Hot water heater problems
Posted by Richard McKinnon on September 19, 1999 at 12:31:48:
Have a Reliance 501 52 gallon hot water heater

It used to supply enough hot water for at least three people to shower. Just recently it started running out of hot water before one person had showered.

It has two heating elements so I am guessing that one of them has gone bad.

Question 1
The heater was installed less than a year ago by the previous owner. So I don't don't have a reciept and don't know where it was purchased. Is there any possibility I might still be able to get this covered under warranty ?

Question 2
What do you think is wrong ?

Question 3
I am willing to tackle this project on my own but have never taken a water heater apart before. Are there any good instructions on the web somewhere ?


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