Sunken Tub in shower stall
Posted by J.P. Moore on September 19, 1999 at 11:25:24:
Can you recommend a way to create a bathtub in the space of a 48 inch square fhower stall? Maybe a sunken tub like a Japanese soaking tub with a step or two down? There is space below, for a sunken tub. How about a recommendation for an already manufactured sunken tub? Soaking is more desireable than hydro jets. Water staying warm is more desireable than constant refilling. Probable soaking time is fifteen minutes. If I need to build a tub pan below the shower pan, that could necessitate a false (swing -up) floor for the shower. Do you have any recommendations for creating a tub in the shower? 2 inch square tiles line the floor now, with a center drain hole. No room to place a standard tub in the 48 inch opening. Or do you know where to get a short tub?

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