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Posted by Terry Love on September 18, 1999 at 14:49:02:
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: We want to convert a clothes closet into a small, half bath. The dimensions are 55" long, 25" wide
: and 130" high. The plumbing piping is very convenient to the space but it would be difficult to reconfigure the space.
: (We live in a New York City loft.) We want to put in a small sink and a toilet with
: the least depth possible. We are investigating high tank water closets (about 27" from wall) and
: small sinks (9" so far the smallest). Do you have any recommendations for addressing this
: design problem.

You are working with less than "code" space. 30" should be the least amount of width. However, many people do use a one-piece toilet, to save space, like the Toto Ultramax, round front. From my experience, the toilet needs 48" from back wall to opposite wall. That would give you about 7" to work with. Have you considered moving the wall back some for the lav? In a pinch, it is sounding like a pinch, isn't it? you could just get by, assuming we are talking small and or thin people.
Good luck on your less than code space.

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