Re: Lake Water Pump Blows Line
Posted by steve on September 14, 1999 at 01:48:54:
In response to Re: Lake Water Pump Blows Line
: Just installed a sprinkler system in my lakefront property that works great until it shuts off. When it
: shuts down the rubber coller I used to connect the pump inlet to the line to the lake ballons up then pops
: off from the pressure.

: Stats:
: 1. I pump water into it from the lake
: 2. 2" inlet 1" outlet.
: 3. One way check valve installed just before the filter in the lake.
: 4. Property slopes from front of the house to the lake.
: 5. 1000' of 1" pipe leads to pump.
: Could that much pressure be created from the lines ?
: Should I remove the check valve, would I lose prime ?

install a check valve on the discharge side of the pump . This will prevent the head pressure from the sprinkler system to back up and overpressure your connection. OR you could put a valve in the discharge pipe and simply close the valve at the time you cut off the pump. Leave the check/foot valve on the suction side of pump so the pump will remain primed

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