Lack Of Hot Water
Posted by Don on September 14, 1999 at 00:57:04:
I seem to run out of hot water after about 10 minutes of running the shower
in a used home that I just purchased. I have a 50 gallon gas hot water
tank and the system also has a Grundfos recirculation pump. From what
I understand, the hot water heater was replaced a few weeks before I
purchased the home. Currenly I have the thermostat set on high to get
the most possible hot water.

I do have a possible idea. I've done some research on the web. All the
drawings for recirculation pumps show the water returning to the bottom
of the hot water tank. I noticed that my pump shows the arrow facing
away from the bottom of the tank. Am I picking up cold water from the
bottom of the tank? Also, I don't see any sort of check valve or air
escape value in the line near the pump. Do I need them? I do get hot
water as soon as turn on the water.

Thanks for any input!

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