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Posted by Terry Love on September 11, 1999 at 23:52:02:
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: I have a patent on a urinal called HYGENIXtm and it completely
: eliminates the sprayback that every guy in the world deals with.
: Instead of using a symetrical wall, I used an asymetrical wall
: it catches the stream of urine at an angle. Its like if you were
: going to pee outside against a wall you are not going to pee straight
: on you would angle to the left or right.well,it turns out that manufactures
: have been going on that lame idea for over a century and come to find out
: nobody had a patent on the asymetrical wall,well I do.
: Not only does this urinal eliminate splashback 100%, it is completely
: gorgeous to boot. I swear to you this urinal is so beautifull that you
: could plant an Easter Lily in it and hang it in your living room.
: I am currently looking for help marketing this urinal and have some
: nibbles to have HYGENIXtm installed at FOXWOODS casino in CT.
: If any body has any ideas e-mail me and well talk. HYGENIXtm
: has been featured on the Dr. Dean Edell radio show which is
: nationally syndicated.(tape is available) Lets talk. Arent we
: all tired of getting urine all over our hands, pants, shirt, shoes,
: floor etc. You would think, well gee lets see I have a urinal that
: eliminates splashbck 100% and is gorgous also. And ALL the other
: urinals in the WORLD piss all over you ...Well who would have thought.
: I need to talk to somebody who has the ability to do something about this.
: Talking to Companys like KOHLER, AMERICAN STANDARD,etc. its
: ridiculous, KOHLER said " Why should we change it men dont complain
: about it, and we sell thousands of urinals anyway" I said "Well if
: you think its o.k. to sell that to your customers and think they dont
: care about peeing all over themselves , we have nothing to discuss,I
: bet they do care. EVERY MAN, WOMAN, OLD, RICH, YOUNG, POOR, has to
: pee in good times and bad...BLAH,BLAH,BLAH And they all love this urinal.
: It now opens the home market..think about it isnt it exiting?
: Thanks for letting me vent,

: Bruce

Thanks for the post Bruce,
Please let us know when your web site has a picture of it.

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