prolonging water heater life
Posted by jon on September 09, 1999 at 14:10:04:
i just replaced my house's 1989 65 gal rheem electric water heater with a 50 gal,
rheem-manufactured, GE natural gas 12 year unit. the home was built in the mid-1920s,
has one full bath, std kitchen & laundry facilities.

i'd like to know what regular maintenance measures may be taken to help prolong its life?

the temp is set to approx 120 and the unit's water supply comes from the north end of seattle, wa,
but i don't know how "hard" the water is, nor do i know other physical properties like pH, etc.

i do know that there is a fair amount of corrosion constriction in the galvanized pipe which
is feeding it cold water. i intend to replumb with copper in the next two years, but in the mean
time i'd very much like to keep the unit as healthy as possible.



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