connecting shower to bathtub port on shower mixing valves
Posted by ackerberg on September 07, 1999 at 17:00:09:
Most shower/bath mixers have 4 ports,
hot and cold water inputs, and outputs to the bathtub
and the shower. The output to the bathtub is twice the
rate to the shower. So that if the output from the
mixer to the shower is 2gal/min, the output to the
bathtub is 6-7gals/min. This is the way most mixers are
constructed. I plan to put a diverter after the mixer
so that I can direct the water to a fixed shower head
or to a hand held shower head. Because the diverter
introduces its own pressure drop, I wanted to connect
the diverter to the bathtub port rather than the
shower port, so that the flow rate to the shower will
be hefty and not impeded by the diverter. I can control
the volume coming out of the
mixer with the handle of the mixer. Has anybody out
there tried this? I would appreciate any comments.

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