Posted by Sal on September 05, 1999 at 23:59:05:
Hi I just discovered a well on my land which gives out approx. 6gpm. I want to use it for my sprinker sytem. The problem I have is for most zones it will not supply enough water. What I want to do but can't yet figure out, is how can I use the well to give me my 6 gpm, but when I need more water the city water kicks in for the BALANCE only. Someone told me to connect both systems in parallel with an anti siphon valve on the city water so the well water doesn't mix with the city water. The problem I have with this is that having 80 psi on the city water and about 50psi on the well, I feel that even though both will be working at the same time the city water will over power the well water. But I want to use the well water to it's max,and the city water only for increased demand since well water is surely better for plants and lawn than chlorinated city water. Is there any type of valves or controls out there which I can use for this.
Thanks in advance.

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