propane water heater/heat combo humming??? help
Posted by wendi on September 05, 1999 at 00:30:11:
I'm moving into a 9yr old house, will all propane everything. I've never had propane before, and am a little skiddsh because I don't know how safe it is. Thegas guy came, and the heater, hotwater heater didn't work because a pressure valve had to be replaced and he did so. I wasn't home, but my husband said that he checked everything and said it was a ok. All day, I didn't hear the "fan" hum, and we were gone for about 5 hrs. We came back and I heard a hum downstairs, and you can also hear it from outside of where the vent is, my husband said tis is the fan cooling the heater. I haven't heard this before. It didn't go off for at least the 20 min. I was there, then I left. Is this normal, or something to be concerned with? Please help, I'm scared of something bad happening with propane. P.S. how safe is propane heat, hot water, stove and dryer?

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