Re: Rocking toilet, Yeahh! My toilet rocks!
Posted by the Mad Plumber on September 04, 1999 at 21:14:13:
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I'm glad your toilet "rocks!" Everyone should be as proud of their toilet as you are. I can see it. Yeahh! My toilet rocks!

My mother who is getting older has asked for a "rocking toilet". She spends quite a bit of time there and gets a bit stiff in the joints. She thinks rocking back and forth while reading Readers Digest would help her daily rituals. If anyone knows of one, let me know.

If you don't want a toilet that "rocks" however, you could try tightening the bolts until the rocking stops. The bolts can always be cut shorter with a hacksaw. If the bolts are not attached securely, the toilet will need to be removed and the cause found out. Sometimes a new bolt set will do the trick, and sometimes a new replacement flange to hold the bolts is needed. In either case, new wax rings will be needed, and be sure to caulk around the front of the toilet from bolt cap to bolt cap. (sometimes, even shims may be needed. pennies work in a pinch. Slide them under the toilet at the edge:)
The Mad Plumber

: I have a toilet that rocks. I have tightend the bolts in the floor o the point that the bolt covers can't snap on! Do I need shims? Do I need to remove the toilet, and if so, do I need to replace the wax ring? If i need shims, do I put them in with the toilet in place or do I remove the toilet and then place the shims? Any help is appreciated!!

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