Re: Flapper dropping too soon causing incomplete flush
Posted by Stu on September 03, 1999 at 19:27:10:
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Thank you the quick response. The flapper is only a couple months old. I was wondering if I installed it incorrectly, or if instead my problem was being too cheap (buying the replacement kit in a home center chain store).

: The chain only lifts the flapper, after that it is all automatic. Your flapper is probably worn out, but all of them will leave some water in the tank, since they float down to the valve as the water level drops.

: : The flapper on my flush valve seems to drop prematurely, with several inches of water still in the tank, resulting in a short & incomplete flush. I've been told that this can be caused by having the chain too long, but adjustments to the chain length seem to have no effect. Is the flapper bad, or is there something else wrong?
: : Thanks --- terrific site!

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