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Posted by Terry Love on September 02, 1999 at 10:36:43:
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: I bought a new cast-iron sink for the kitchen awhile back and now I want to install it. I currently have a 3/4 and 1/4 tub sink (cast-iron too). The new sink is 1/2 and 1/2 tub style. What I am unsure of is... Will I have to re-do all the piping underneath, cause at the moment the disposal is higher up and the main drain piping is lower. When I put in the new sink everything will be cattywampus. Help on that one please, if you understand my problem. As Well another ? while I'm here. I bought all the new parts I thought necessary for the new sink (drainers etc.) I shopped at the Home D. and I'm not sure if they directed me in the proper direction. Can you enlighten me on all the proper items I should have to
: 1. Install new drains (ex:gasgets, washers or whatever)
: 2. When I put the new sink against my counter, what do I use to secure the edges. I got somthing called, Tub Seal. Should I have gotten some beading or something like that.
: 3. What do you charge for pipe replacement estimates in Duvall Wa.? We are in an 87yr. old house and need to do this.
: Sorry to be so long winded. My husband is out of town on Bussiness and I want to surprise him upon his return.
: So, thanks in advance for your help.
: Michelle

The new cast iron sink would set on the counter and seal with caulk. Kohler has a tube of polyseamseal in the box most of the time. If you are replacing the disposer at the same time, you would be using a "disposer kit" Whenever I replace kitchen sinks, the pipes draining the sink bowls are replaced.
I would expect to replace the disposer and the other basket at the same time. They make a deeper threaded sink basket that work better on CI sinks.
For the re-pipe estimate in Duvall, $30


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