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Posted by hj on September 01, 1999 at 12:12:36:
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The hot water connection can be handled by replacing the shut off valve with a 3way stop, and you can get a 60" stainless steel hose to connect from the dishwasher to the 3way stop. The drain will connect to the side of your garbage disposer if you have one, otherwise get a branch inlet tailpiece for one of the drains and connect the DW's drain to it.

: Mr. Love,
: I live in an older home with a really old dishwasher that does not work. The person who lived here before, we think, just left it in when it stopped working years ago. It has some funky stuff growing inside! My parents bought a new dishwasher and, thank them so much, left the other 5 year old dishewasher to me. Well when we (my roomates and I) pulled the old dishwasher from under the cabinet top and started looking at the connections the small copper hose and the larger rubber hose had nowhere to connect to. The under the sink plumbing had recently been totally redone and has left no evidence of where the dishwasher was hooked up. Now , digging around behind the cabinets is not something we want to get into, and we know nothing of correct plumbing procedures. So with that being said, how do you propose we handle this situation. We thought about getting a T-joint for the hot water hook up and afixing the water inlet hose to that and then placing a T-joint to the sink drain either before or after the gooseneck and afixing the drain hose to that. We do not know if that would create a draining problem, and we also have little to no money so a rigged situation would be fine. Please send us your best bet. Thanks, Gordon.

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