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Posted by Mike Bosela on September 01, 1999 at 10:53:35:
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: The water table is so high that our septic tank keeps filling with ground water so that we have to pump the tank out every week. We are looking for any positive suggestions to help us with this problem. Thanks Larry

Hi Larry,

My next door neighbor is experiencing the same problem. We live on a lake, and our water table is very high as well. My neighbors' existing septic system failed inspection when they bought the home. They were required by law to bring the septic "up to code", which in our instance means installing a "Dose-Tank" system, which pumps the waste into a new mound consisting of 14" of sand,then 12" of gravel, then 12" of topsoil on top of that. These "mounds" are quite unsightly, and since this is a weekend home for them, they opted for a two-tank "sealed system, which they anticipated getting pumped-out twice a year. Their tanks filled within three weeks, and they were only here for one weekend!!?? (Lots of jokes about there toilet and shower useage)..
Anyway, the bottom line is, their original "tank" had lost it's seal, and the groundwater was leaking into it, filling their system. The septic service tried unsuccessfully to repair the tank. It will have to be replaced with a new tank. (What a mess!!)

Good Luck,


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