Splashless Urinal
Posted by Bruce Wilkins on September 01, 1999 at 05:53:21:
I have a patent on a urinal called HYGENIXtm and it completely
eliminates the sprayback that every guy in the world deals with.
Instead of using a symetrical wall, I used an asymetrical wall
it catches the stream of urine at an angle. Its like if you were
going to pee outside against a wall you are not going to pee straight
on you would angle to the left or right.well,it turns out that manufactures
have been going on that lame idea for over a century and come to find out
nobody had a patent on the asymetrical wall,well I do.
Not only does this urinal eliminate splashback 100%, it is completely
gorgeous to boot. I swear to you this urinal is so beautifull that you
could plant an Easter Lily in it and hang it in your living room.
I am currently looking for help marketing this urinal and have some
nibbles to have HYGENIXtm installed at FOXWOODS casino in CT.
If any body has any ideas e-mail me and well talk. HYGENIXtm
has been featured on the Dr. Dean Edell radio show which is
nationally syndicated.(tape is available) Lets talk. Arent we
all tired of getting urine all over our hands, pants, shirt, shoes,
floor etc. You would think, well gee lets see I have a urinal that
eliminates splashbck 100% and is gorgous also. And ALL the other
urinals in the WORLD piss all over you ...Well who would have thought.
I need to talk to somebody who has the ability to do something about this.
Talking to Companys like KOHLER, AMERICAN STANDARD,etc. its
ridiculous, KOHLER said " Why should we change it men dont complain
about it, and we sell thousands of urinals anyway" I said "Well if
you think its o.k. to sell that to your customers and think they dont
care about peeing all over themselves , we have nothing to discuss,I
bet they do care. EVERY MAN, WOMAN, OLD, RICH, YOUNG, POOR, has to
pee in good times and bad...BLAH,BLAH,BLAH And they all love this urinal.
It now opens the home market..think about it isnt it exiting?
Thanks for letting me vent,


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