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Posted by Curt on August 31, 1999 at 12:15:13:
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: Hi! Like a lot of folks who have posted messages here, I'd like to install a bathroom in my basement where the laudryroom is currently located. Because the stack protrudes 3 inches or so from the floor of this room I'm thinking about framing a raised floor (about 4 inches) to accomodate the necessary plumbing and installing a wall mounted toilet and sink so that I can put most of the plumbing in the wall rather than raising the floor more than a few inches (or tearing out the old cement). Does this sound workable to you? Thanks!!

You'll probably find you need to raise the floor more than 4" to accomadate your toilet and shower (if you plan on one). The shower needs a trap, and room to pitch the drain to your main waste line. The toilet is a 3" minimum pipe with a with a closet flange. You would be very lucky to have the main waste line exactly below your toilet flange. Otherwise your toilet needs room for a flange and an El and a pitch to the main. Six inches may do it for you (2x6s) - four inches will probably not be enough.

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