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Posted by Greg Peters on August 30, 1999 at 11:55:15:
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I had the same problem. It was is if there was a big air bubble that was forced ahead of the water from the tank, and it made a big "BLOOP" noise and spit some water out of the bowl at me. My solution was to move, and I don't remember what brand the toilet was, but it was a pretty new, low-flow model.

I can assure you that it does happen and it's a real bummer!


: Hello,

: I recently had a toilet replaced in my home. While the toilet looks great, it seems to have a problem with
: "spitting" a few drops of water from the bowl out onto the seat (if not further) when flushing. It happens at
: least 30% of the time, and is especially bad if the first flush did not complete (when the bowl is more full).
: Closing the lid does not completely remedy the problem as water still manages to splash on the lid.
: Yuck! This is unhygenic as well as just plain annoying. I've called the plumber back and he said he's
: never heard of such a complaint and (I think) seemingly acted as if I was nuts. Has anyone else heard
: of such a temperamental toilet?

: Thanks,

: Christi

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