Re: Sewage backup in basement
Posted by Terry Love on August 27, 1999 at 20:22:42:
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: Hi.
: I have an old house (1920s) where the basement tends to flood with sewage from the sewar system.
: I don't know much about plumbing all I can tell you is that there is hole near the main drain where the
: sewage seems to come out of. I found the cap for this hole and tried to seal it. However, the pressure
: from the backup seems to just knock it off again. I should point out that we have a toilet in the
: basement as well. I point this out bacause the plumbers we've had come over to look at the problem
: keep telling us that if they plug the main drain, then the backup will come through the toilet. All
: I want to know is if there is some remedy for this situation. I find it hard to believe that there is nothing
: to do. Is the City responsible for this? Can I ask them to help pay for a fix?

I would install a check valve in the waste line to the street. It should be installed with a shutoff on either side of the check valve for later repair and service. Any home with the flood level of the fixtures lower than the street man cover, should have these installed. Many lakeside homes have been retrofited with these by the sewer departments, however, this is a standard plumbing code issue and should have been handled right the first time by either the plumber or the side sewer installer. Terry

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