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Posted by hj on August 27, 1999 at 02:33:12:
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An air chamber shock control is almost useless unless it is installed at the fixture or valve that could cause the water hammer. Water hammer is created by the sudden closing of a valve and the resulting abrupt stoppage of flow. Since the hammer is generated at that point, a water hammer arrester any point upstream will only help to control the rebound hammer. And the pressure regulator will isolate them from even that usage.

: Hi Terry,
: I am building our home and doing rough plumbing at the present time. I installed a manifold of six 18"
: long hammer arresting chambers on my water service line immediately after it enters my basement. I've
: since discovered that our local plumbing ordinance require the installation of a pressure regulator where
: water pressure is in excess of 70 psi (I have 75 psi). I would like to install this in the basement as well,
: but my setup is such that I would be forced to install it downstream of the hammer arrestor manifold, that
: is, between the manifold and all valves within the house. Does the installation of the regulator in this
: position defeat the purpose on the hammer arrestor manifold? I'm thinking the pressure wave caused by
: an abruptly shut valve in the house would bounce back and forth between the regulator and valve, and
: the air trapped in the hammer arresting chambers would never be afforded a chance to absorb some of
: the wave's energy. What do you think?

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