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Posted by Terry Love on August 26, 1999 at 22:26:38:
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: Hi Terry,
: I am building our home and doing rough plumbing at the present time. I installed a manifold of six 18"
: long hammer arresting chambers on my water service line immediately after it enters my basement. I've
: since discovered that our local plumbing ordinance require the installation of a pressure regulator where
: water pressure is in excess of 70 psi (I have 75 psi). I would like to install this in the basement as well,
: but my setup is such that I would be forced to install it downstream of the hammer arrestor manifold, that
: is, between the manifold and all valves within the house. Does the installation of the regulator in this
: position defeat the purpose on the hammer arrestor manifold? I'm thinking the pressure wave caused by
: an abruptly shut valve in the house would bounce back and forth between the regulator and valve, and
: the air trapped in the hammer arresting chambers would never be afforded a chance to absorb some of
: the wave's energy. What do you think?

Current 97 UPC codes in use in parts of the country, don't allow for an air chamber without a means of draining the water out. When air chambers water log, they become useless.
The current high tech method is a "shock arrestor" with piston included. This should be placed within five feet of the fixture. When a PRV is in the system, they should be at the dishwasher, clothes washer and the icemaker. an expansion tank at the water heater is a good idea also. The air chamber manifold that you have is on the wrong side of the PRV. Terry

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