Re: sizing pipe correctly
Posted by Terry Love on August 23, 1999 at 21:10:15:
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: I'm planning on replacing 70yr old galvanized pipes with copper. I picked up some 1" type M at a clearance sale.
: I would like to run the 1" from the main to a pressure reducing valve, the water heater, and continue on with the
: run as the main branch for the length of the house. Tapping off with 1/2" or 3/4" when needed.
: The house is two stories with a bath on both levels.

: Do you see any problem with this scheme? Water flow or pressure? The mains pressure is approx.
: 85psi before the PRV.

: Patrick

Sounds like a plan to me! On a two bath home, you would need 3/4" to the water heater. The other fixtures would use a 1/2" line. The recent UPC code has charts for the type of plumbing fixture, and the distance of the piping involved. Something to consider with the pressure reducer, would be mini-resters at the dishwasher, washer and the icemaker. Terry

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