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Posted by Dan Stortz on August 20, 1999 at 19:36:34:
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: I have a 9 yr old single story house with 2 full baths. My kids bathtub drain is very slow and fills up with water during their shower(Approx.2-4 in.s) and their toilet gets backed up on a regular basis. I have to keep a plunger handy just incase. Now my problem.
First, the toilet issue. I believe my original drainage plumbing is not installed correctly. I went under my house(Crawl space) and looked at how the toilet was plumbed. The toilet trap is tight under the subfloor with no drop. It starts at the toilet flange in floor with a 90' elbow and then continues for 10 inches into another 90'elbow to pick up the 2" vent, then it continues into the 3" main drain. This in my opionion should have a longer initial drop from the initial toilet flange to help the initial flow and drainage. Also, this is similar on my bath tub drain. The bath tub 1.5" tail coming from the drain picks up the "P trap" directly under the floor and then goes horizonal toward the 1.5" vent pipe to the 3" main drain, approx. 16inches from the 1.5 bath drain tail. I hope this makes sense.
Now my key question. I have enough space to drop the toilet and bath drains down another 12" from where they are currently pumbed. Would this help the flow out on both my toilet and bath tub. I am considering this because I am installing another bathroom and would be willing to do this at the same time. What do you think of changing my existing plumbing system as I described. Pls advise your thoughts.
Thanks, Dan.

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