Re: Chimney is also sewage vent
Posted by Barbara Miller on August 17, 1999 at 09:24:18:
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It is made of cast iron and goes into to the chimney (which is out side of the house) through the basement wall, travesl outside and turns into the chimney. It was suggested that we cut it off at the point of entry into the chimney, then run pvc pipinging up alongside of the house and that it must go 12 " above the roof. And patch the hole in the chimney. Does that sound right to you?? It sounds like a good idea to me. I need to check and see if that would be the code.
: I have never heard of a sewer vent installed in this way. In most jurisdictions, it would be illegal, since the odors would travel down the chimney into the house during any backdraft condition. And there could be many situations that could create backdrafts. What material is the vent constructed of? If it is plastic, it should melt if the chimney has any temperature in it, and if it doesn't then it is unlikely to be hot enough to create an explosion, assuming that the conditions ever existed for an explosion.

: : I was told by the gas man that my house could blow up as the sewage is vented through the chimney. I have lived from 1975 and this is the first I have heard about that. How can this be fixed, as I have limited resourses....can my adult sons fix this. Pipe runs out of basement and curves into chimney , a window on the second floor is located next to the chimney. can pipe be cut at base and run up the chimney on the outside.? Any help would be apprecieated.. Thank you.

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