water softener/conditioner type - non-salt?
Posted by Tom on August 16, 1999 at 12:19:48:
We have 15 grain hardness water here and I'm interested in the benefits of soft water (reduction of scale, less soap use, cleaner looking laundry..).
I plumbed in a water softener loop when I replumbed the house (massive remodel) and plumbed with all CPVC. I am very attracted by the size and zero maintenance asspects of a water "conditioner" that uses "non-sacraficial catalytic action" to add electrons to the water - result being a claimed treatment of the water that results in it testing at the same hardness but acting like and having the benefits of soft water. HMMM.
Is this snake oil and bafflegab and too good to be true? I can't find any extension services that even mention this system. Any of you folks have experience good or bad with this type system? Is this a good deal and the wave of the future or the equivalent of taping cow magnets to your gas line?

Confusedly yours, Tom

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