Re: Re-piping questions
Posted by Lou on August 14, 1999 at 16:53:44:
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What size of water meter do you have, most of ours here in Medicine Hat are 5/8", with 3/4" and 1" available on request, usually for underground sprinklers. We usually use 3/4" mains, unless you are piping a monster house with five or six baths. If you are going to repipe, don't go halfway, make one mess get it over with. On the hot water thing, while you have your system open, check your diptube on your water heater, it is connected to the cold water inlet of the tank. There have been a number of diptube failures in the last few months, causing a reduction in the amount of hot water the tank can deliver. Also I would run a seperate 1/2" hot line back from the furthest, highest fixture you can. Grade it back to the heater as best you can and drop it down beside the heater and tie it in to the tank drain connection, making provisions for a drain valve. Now on the drop insert a check valve with a ball valve on either side of it and enough copper for the installation of a recirc pump. Most of the time this will cause a convection current to be set up, hot water rising to the fixture , cooler water sinking to tank, it doesn't take much movement at all. Now here is something I just thought of, what is your main waterline feeding the house made of? I bet it is 3/4" galvanized and almost rusted shut, there lies your cause of the real problem of not enough pressure.....Lou

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