Water Softener Drainage
Posted by Bob P. on August 12, 1999 at 15:58:21:
I am planning the installation of a new water softener in my basement but am having problems determining were to set up the drainage. I have a city sewer system with PVC drainpipes. I have the following dilemmas:
1) I do not want to use my sump pump because I do not want the salt water draining onto my lawn & shrubs
2) The clothes washer is one level above the softener. Even if I did run the drain line up to the washer, the outlet box does not appear to be tall enough to accommodate an air gap and the drain hole is only wide enough to fit the washer drain hose.
3) The basement does not have a floor drain.

The waste line in the basement does have a sanitary tee on the downward slope that is capped off. The tee is approx 4 feet from the vertical wet stack. Can I pop the cap off of this tee and run my drain line to it with a P-trap? If I did, would I need to run a separate vent to the wet stack? Would I still need to install an air gap?

There is a powder room & vanity on the 1st floor. Could I install a dishwasher waste fitting (much like the one on the kitchen sink) into the vanity sink and run my drain line there?

I have JPG images of the drain setup in my basement and could e-mail them to anyone who would be interested in helping.

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