Re: Problems with cracking on tank of Gerber toilet
Posted by hj on August 12, 1999 at 08:53:49:
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Depending on where the crack begins, it can be due to corrosion in the connecting bolts, overtightening the fill valve, or thermal shock from warm fresh water entering the tank after a flush. It can also happen spontaneously. Most of the cracked tanks I have seen have been American-Standard brand, although it can happen to any tank given the proper conditions. It is seldom a defect unless it happens right after installation. And even then it is usually an installation error that causes it.

: We had a Gerber toilet installed in our New York home approximately 7 years ago. We have since developed a crack on the side of the tank.

: My initial question is how do I determine the exact model toilet that we have.

: Second, what type of warranty from defects does Gerber provide.

: Finally, does this type of cracking happen often? Is it the result of the aging of the product, or is there some sort of defect present. I noticed that there are a couple of postings mentioning the same sort of occurance in Gerber toilet tanks.

: Thank you in advance for your assistance

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