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Posted by hj on August 12, 1999 at 08:49:45:
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Usually when the flapper gets "stuck" it is because of a mechanical adjustment in the trip lever or flapper's chain. These components are "generic" and are the same ones used in 95% of the toilets made in the USA.

: Terry:

: I've recently had a very big problem with a Gerber toilet. I had a Gerber toilet clog with toilet paper, but the real trouble occured due to the flapper valve in the tank stuck in an open position. Well, of course in our "Flush and Forget" world today, I left for work and the toilet over flowed. Since the flapper valve was stuck the toilet continued to dispense water for over an hour and a half, when my wife awoke to find 2 inches of water in the bath room and hallways. Needless to say our house is in pretty bad shape. The water found its way to 3 bedrooms, the living room and main hallway. Of course the wooden floors and Berber carpet are ruined.

: My question is: Are there any current recalls on Gerber toilets? We have 3 in the house and 2 of them will get the flapper valve stuck. There must be some type of defect.

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: M. Perrien

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