Gerber 1.6...
Posted by Brad on August 11, 1999 at 11:25:57:
I'm sure this has been answered one thousand times,
but what's one-thousand and one.

I have a Gerber toilet that is 2 years old. From day
one I have complained about the clogging. My contractor tells me that Gerber is one of the best toilets available.

Is it Gerber or the 1.6 Gallon flush that irritates me?
Isn't 1.6 gallons not enough water? I know we are used to several more gallons, but not even 2?

Is law going to change? What is the BEST solution for
a clogging toilet? I have taken the plastic water
conservation piece OUT from the tank. This has helped a little. But NOT ENOUGH! I think I want my parents
old toilet!

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