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RESPONSE: We are the largest polybutylene remediator in the country. If you would like a free consultation, call me, Mike Morgan at 800-501-7703.

Here are some excellent sources of information on polybutylene . . .

Consumer Plumbing Recovery Center - 800-356-3496 -

Spencer Class Facility - 800-490-6997 -

Poly Info Central -

Site that reference Class Action Lawsuit filed by the insurance industry against the poly resin manufacturers -

Site with confidential documents from Shell!!! -

Poly Information Source -

Ask the Experts - Bulletin Board Forum -

Ask the Experts - Bulletin Board Forum -

Canadian Homeowners -

Canadian Homeowners -

: I've been informed that my plumbing system qualifies for a no-cost re-plumb. I've also been told that I have the
: choice of copper or CPVC in the overhead. (My house is on slab foundation). Which type of pipe would
: be best? I know that CPCV would be cheaper and easier to work with in overhead, but would copper,
: although more difficult to install be better? What are the advantages of one over the other from an owner's
: point of view?

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