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Posted by Lou on August 10, 1999 at 01:57:44:
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When natural gas is burned in a normal approved appliance supplied with the right amount of gas with the right amount of gas pressure supplied to it ( ie. properly sized lines ) and the right amount of combustion and excess air we have a beautiful thing happening called complete combustion. The byproducts of this are water vapour, co2, and a few other non life threatening substances, vented safely up a properly sized, connected and terminated chimney. The customer is happy, safe and warm. It works like a chain if you under or oversize the right thing at the right time, all of a sudden you get a thing we call incomplete combustion. Instead of co2 the flame now produces co, no smell and deadly, no big deal you say up the chimney it goes. NOT! Because the flame is cooler this particular appliance now spills it's exhaust gases, consisting of co and aldehydes, into the furnace room. Now the furnace or some other circulation device spreads these deadly fumes throughout the house. Overnight someone dies in their sleep because of this. You go to collect the easy money you thought you made the night before, after all plumbers charge too much, instead of a paycheque you find a lawyer looking to collect your next twenty years worth of paycheques, oh have you got liability insurance to do this kind of stuff, after of course you get out of jail for manslaughter. Sorry to be so dramatic about the whole affair, but this same thing happened in my city not long ago. Maintenance man, who happened to be the son of the owner of a motel, replaced a water heater, the vent came apart, a guest died, owner's son is in jail. I don't think anyone saved money there. But you like fooling with pipe, that is good, perhaps you will check out an apprentice program and become a fully trained, certified and qualified plumber.....Lou

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