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Posted by Tony on August 10, 1999 at 01:54:41:
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: : : How should a cultured marble shower pan be "poured"?

: : : Should it be flat, with no seamless sides? Or should it have a "lip" up the sides?

: : : I have a flat one, with very little slope to the drain, and it has settled since it was first installed. The silicon caulking around the base only seems to last a year before it leaks onto the floor (and onto the ceiling below--it's a 2nd story bathroom). It's driving me nuts and damaging the floor, and it cost a lot of money to have installed.

: : : Do I need to bite the bullet and have one put in with a "lip"?

: : A 'pan' has sides and holds water. doesn;t matter if
: : it is made of cultured marble, plastic, or anything
: : else. A marble 'custom base' is just a flooe with no
: : sides. The installation still requires a pan. Around
: : here we always put in a vinyl pan. If your
: : installation has no pan of some kind, you have a
: : faulty installation. If it has a pan, the chances are
: : it is leaking; the only cure is to replace it.

: : I hope this helps. Ed Minich

: FYI- I installed a cultured marble "pan" in my second floor bath. It does have sides. The wall pieces rest on top of it so when it is caulked in the water runs onto the pan and to the drain. Greg

: Yes Doreen, your pan should have a 'lip'. The lip fits behind the wall panels and forms a seal (when properly caulked) that is 'up' behind the panel. Since water flows 'down' the seal prevents water from leaking.

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