Necessary to replace Kohler Rialto Power-Lite?
Posted by Mark on August 09, 1999 at 21:51:27:
Our Kohler Rialto Power-Lite (8 yrs old) has started
leaking from its pressurized tank. I was told by Kohler
that this could not be fixed and I would have to buy
a new toilet. A plumber told me the same thing!
Why can't this toilet be repaired?
Kohler apparently stopped manufacturing pressurized tanks
themselves and will only give us a $75 rebate if we physically
take the Rialto toilet to the original place of purchase
and purchase a new Kohler. This sounds ridiculous to me
since they apparently knew that they had designed a toilet
that was not meant to last and now I have to 1) hire
a plummer to take out the faulty toilet 2)haul it down to
Home Depot (who said that they don't want the toilet)
3) purchase a new toilet by a manufacturer know to make
toilets that don't last long and 4) call the plumber
back to install the new toilet!