Kohler Rochelle Toilet
Posted by Klaus Boblitz on August 09, 1999 at 15:52:12:
I purchased a Float Valve Conversion Kit/Cap Plunger Kit and am having a difficult time to install it correctly. I was told that this kit is made for
several Kohler toilets, but on the Rochelle, an overflow tube covers the hole which on the old model allowed the water to re-enter into the bowl. In other words, the overflow tube sits right in front of the
hole and does not come with a hose connetion. Obviously, I am not a plumber but have a fairly good
mechanical aptitude. Just can't figure this one out.
The instructions that came with it are not to clearly and keep me guessing.

Currently the unit is installed, but does not flush
correctly and only small amount of water is returned to the bowl. Appears to back up resuling in unpleasant odor.


thank you.


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