Sewer pipes shattered
Posted by Rick Reed on August 09, 1999 at 15:39:28:
I live in a 75 yr. old house. We recently had the main sewer line rodded out to the street. When it was rodded out we noticed two spots where the pipe was shattered because of roots but was still intact and did not fall. The spots where the pipe is broken is on the part of the property that belongs to the village. The village says that it is our responsibility to pay for repairs. Do you know of any case like this? Also we are trying to sell our house and disclosed this information. It seems it is scaring buyers away. Do you think we have to bite the bullet and pay for repairs? I know it can be costly. If we do have to pay for repairs what would be the best (most economical) way?

Thanks, for any advice you can give.

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