hose bib lock?
Posted by Louise N on August 08, 1999 at 09:05:02:
Is there any place I can find a lock or locking cover
to put on my outdoor hose bibs? One of them is going
always be on the alley side that I can't fence in
and people go up and turn it on, particularly
construction workers in this new subdivision. If they
leave it on (such as maliciously) I have a problem.
Ace Hardware said they used to sell one but think it
was discontinued. No one else in town knows where to
get one. Since someone USED to sell it, isn't there
still some place I can buy one by mail order??? Help!!
Please CC me directly if you have an answer. I found
your site by an internet search and I might have
trouble finding my way here again, though I will look.

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