My Mansfield toilet won't quit running
Posted by Debra on August 07, 1999 at 15:37:53:
I have a 20 year old Mansfield toilet. Sorry I don't know the model# or type. Whenever I flush the toilet, it continually runs. The toilet tank fills up with water and then continues to rise past its usual mark so the excess goes down the overflow tube. No amount of wiggling or pushing down on tank mechanisms seem to work. The water in the bowl is also jiggly while the toilet is running. The only way I am currently able to get the toilet to quit running is to turn off its water supply.

All the Web how-to articles show how to do repairs/give advice on the non-Mansfield toilets. It can't be that complicated to repair. I'm trying to save myself a visit from a Plumber. Any suggestions on what the problem could be? Thanks!

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