Re: Water line to refrigerator
Posted by Lou on August 07, 1999 at 12:35:35:
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First thing I would check is to see if the 1/4" refrig water line is attached to a 1/2" cold water supply. If you used a saddle tee to do the tap in make sure the opening that was pierced is large enough and the valve itself is fully open. Check for flow here. No flow flush lines. Next do a visual inspection of the plastic pipe, carefully checking for kinks. Remove the end of the plastic line from the fridge, with the water turned off, then turn on the water, if you have good flow to the end of the waterline, and still none at the fridge outlet, then check the strainer on the solenoid valve at the back of the fridge. If the flow is good to the outlet side of the solenoid valve, check the valves at the water dispenser and ice maker. You get the idea, start from good water pressure and work towards bad, valves, couplings, tee's and kinks can all have a detrimental effect on your water pressure. "Elementary Watson".....Lou

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