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Posted by Terry Love on August 06, 1999 at 13:12:29:
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: Dear Terry,

: I am preparing to replace about 200' of rusty galvanized pipe which runs from a spring reservoir with a
: pump in it to a below frost line pressure tank in a small structure next to the house. The ground
: through which the pipe runs is fill with plenty of rocks. My water Ph is too low to use copper and I was
: wondering if there is any reason not to use PVC. I did hear from one plumber that if there is the
: slightest leak at a joint a tree root can clog the whole pipe. Have you ever heard of this happening?
: Also, do you know of any reason why I should not run the electric service to the pump (which I am
: also going to replace) next to the new pipe?

There should not be the slightest leak in your water supply lines. I have seen roots grow into 4" clay sewer lines at the joints, however we are talking solvent weld joints here. In regard to the rocks, you might want to have a bit of small gravel around the pipe as backfill. Your plumber may prefer poly pipe which has it's own problems. Most new construction plumbers don't advertise for service and repair. Problems later on are rarely seen by them. Terry

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