Re: water heater noise (sounds like popcorn popping inside!)
Posted by tino zerbinati on August 06, 1999 at 12:50:26:
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: I have a water heater from Sears (1987) and it started making noises two nights ago. The noise sounds like either a shoe in a clothes dryer, or popcorn popping. When the heater turned off, the noise stopped. But then when the heater came back on, the noise started again. But, it seemed like it fixed itself by the morning and I haven't heard any noise since then.

: I am in Maryland and there is a drought at the moment, could that have anything to do with it? My uncle thinks the noise might be rust banging around. If so, is that serious enough to have to get a new one? Help!Thank you,
: Ruth

: Ruth, The niose is called insipeint Boiling, it is caused by the desolved oxigen in the water which is forced to expand (boil) with contact on the Heating element. This forms a Oxigen bouble,
some of which collapse some stay in suspension. As the Oxigen in the system is reduced by air vents the noise reduces. This usally takes three or four days. It will reapear if the the system water is drained and replaced with new water.

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