Bathroom remodel choices
Posted by Robert Willcox on August 05, 1999 at 12:40:21:

First - accolades for your site! How do you get any plumbing done when you keep up this fantastic web site?

Now the question: I'm remodeling a small (5'X9') bathroom in a 50 year old house, one of those post war tract houses. I expect to live in the house the rest of my life, so I'm trying to set it up to suit me - not for resale. Would like your opinion on the following.

Toilet - The Am Stand Antiquity has the look I like. Do you have any knowledge re reliabilty and 'flushability'?

Tub - Am considering the Jacuzzi Cetra Whirlpool as a replacement tup. It's flanged so I can still use a shower. Any comments on this product or comapny? Hints?

Wall surround - Have found a product called Pionite that can be molded into a seemless surround. Seems very durable. Any experiance or advice on this?

Sink - Will fit a 24X18 vanity. Most I've found have no overflow drain. Is this a new thing? I don't recall ever having a sink with no overflow before. What are the pros and cons?

Any comments appreciated. thx

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