supply pipe
Posted by Barrie Mathason on August 05, 1999 at 11:54:39:
Dear Terry,

I am preparing to replace about 200' of rusty galvanized pipe which runs from a spring reservoir with a
pump in it to a below frost line pressure tank in a small structure next to the house. The ground
through which the pipe runs is fill with plenty of rocks. My water Ph is too low to use copper and I was
wondering if there is any reason not to use PVC. I did hear from one plumber that if there is the
slightest leak at a joint a tree root can clog the whole pipe. Have you ever heard of this happening?
Also, do you know of any reason why I should not run the electric service to the pump (which I am
also going to replace) next to the new pipe?


Barrie Mathason

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