Shower diverter quits!
Posted by Lorna on August 04, 1999 at 12:53:25:
I have a cuthbert 3 handle shower faucet. The shower diverter quit about 6 months ago, due to age and
I replaced it with a new shower diverter. The problem with the replacement diverter is that it quits every few
weeks and when I take it apart the screw at the end of the diverter has come lose. I have taken it back to
the store and they just say it might have been defective. Well the replacement one I just put in a month
ago quit yesterday and it was the same thing, the screw had come out. Do you have any solutions to
this problem? The screw that keeps coming out is the one at the end that slides into the wall first and it
holds on the rubber washer. I would really appreciate any solutions.
Thank you

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